Centre Philosophy

There are a number of aspects which inform our teaching style and shape who we are as a centre:


Relationships are important between teachers, children, families and our community. Children learn about their wider community by taking trips to local libraries, galleries, museums, as well as by welcoming visitors. We want children to know about their community and enjoy a sense of belonging within it.


Sustainability is an important part of our practice and something the children enjoy being involved in. We help children learn about their environment by taking walks and trips (to the Plant & Food orchard and fields, as well as local mountains, parks, beaches etc.). We want children to develop respect for each other and the world around them.

Conflict resolution and Tuakana-teina relationships

In our mixed age setting, children learn with their peers, but also form strong friendships across the ages. By developing tuakana-teina (big brother-little brother) relationships in which they enjoy sibling-like support, children not only learn to support those less able than them; they are also challenged to new heights by those who are more able.
At MARC ELC, children learn to resolve their own conflicts. As in all aspects of their play, children are shown that teachers have confidence in them and respect their abilities. We want children to develop physical and emotional independence and learn to care for themselves and others.

Food preparation and Real learning

Food preparation is an important part of the children’s daily routine and just one way in which children are actively involved in the normal experiences of daily living. We seek opportunities for children to be involved in real world learning; to make decisions about their own learning; to make choices and have their choices respected.
Every day, children are given space to explore freely in this peaceful yet challenging environment.

Educational Programme

We provide the all the resources, experiences and relationships which children need to progress. Children have free access to a large range of toys, play equipment and art supplies.
We have a large outdoor area and encourage children's energetic play. We have lots of walks and trips to help children gain an experience of their community and the wider world.

Parent links

Te WhĀriki

Te Whāriki is the New Zealand Early Childhood Education Curriculum document. It informs all areas of our practice, and guides our centre philosophy.


Storypark is our online learning documentation system. With this you can easily receive information on your child's learning throughout their day, as well as important information on centre topics.